Press Release

I was so excited to find out that I was going to be interviewed on Jimmy Fallon. He was going to have me flown out first class to New York and stay at the Ritz Carlton.

His office sent out a package with some of things that would be discussed in our interview. It seemed like only yesterday I was struggling to find my purpose and my reason for being on this earth. Now I have the opportunity to tell the world on national TV how I found my purpose.

The day was June 15, 2020 and I was just leaving the hotel and heading over to the studio with a feeling of euphoria knowing that my ship had come in and today I would have the opportunity to share my message with Millions of viewers.

I ‘m sitting back stage and hearing my introduction. I ‘d like to introduce our next guest he has come from Toronto to tell his story how one day he realized he wasn’t living his purpose and what changed it for him.

Please welcome Greg Houghton to our show I hear the clapping and a warm sensation goes through my body as the curtain open I run out and shake Jimmy’s hand. It’s so great to meet you Greg. Thanks for inviting me I always love the opportunity to come New York.

So let’s begin on your journey to finding your purpose. Tell me a little bit about yourself. I grew up just outside of Toronto and had the typical childhood played sports liked girls got into some trouble. I went to community college was never very academic just scraped by with my grades and never finished college. I had multiple jobs from the age of 21 to 26 always could get hired but was always dissatisfied and thought something was missing.

My family was like everyone else’s both parents worked to make ends meet but the idea of Entrepreneurship was never presented to me. Who was the one who introduced you to Entrepreneurship my friend Guntis? He invited me to come to a meeting and here about a nutritional company and I tried a few of there products and was blown away with the power of the business model Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing which people call it today. What did you learn from that experience?

I learned that if I liked a product and believed in it and shared it with a few friends that I could generate a profit from it and that excited me. This type of business model was never explained to me in college or when I entered the work force. I thought to myself why doesn’t everyone participate in this brilliant method of free enterprise.

Did you stay with that company?

No I realized I loved the products but explaining the breakdown of those products wasn’t for me so I joined another company where I have been for 10 years and have continued to build an international business around the world.

Where are you living now?

ulster_county_log_homes_600My wife Roberta and I live on the lake in the Kawartha ‘ s  we have a Log Cabin we spend 8 months of the year and our winters are in Kauai.

Tell me Greg what was the turning point in your life when everything changed?

Well Jimmy 5 years ago I took a course called the MKMMA ( Master Keys Mastermind Alliance ) I learned about myself like I have never ever experienced before.

What do you mean?

I realized we all gifts in us that need to be shared with the world and I think some of mine were left dormant and this course gave me an opportunity to open up and release them to the universe.

What did you notice from that?

I began to live my life purpose or dharma with a servant type leadership mantra that every day I was going to connect with a human being and help them find there purpose.

Where has that taken you on your journey?

I have developed friendships with people from all over the world and everywhere I visit I’m treated like family. I love my life and the impact that making a difference in people’s lives has shown me my bliss.

Thanks for coming today and telling us your story I believe many others lives will be touched as well. My pleasure Jimmy!!!!


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