Week 18- Priming The Pump


It is amazing to think how much someone can grow when they are willing to open their mind to new possibilities.  We entered the 18th week of the MKMMA Experience this Sunday we were not having a our scheduled webinar as usual and for some reason it felt strange. All along this journey we have  developed routines of study and in essence it  has become our best friend. We continue to walk this path of Self-Discovery as we all embark on the Hero’s Journey and the feelings that accompany us along the way is what makes us tingle on the inside. Over the last 3 weeks doing this The Progression has been just awesome. I love to write my 3 Gratitude’s each day and really soak in those emotions. I have found that noticing small kindnesses all around me can always lift up my spirit in a heartbeat and that is so cool. Each day I get in my exercise and get those feel good hormones of dopamine & serotonin flowing through my body I’m ready to take on the world. Doing the sit every day is a perfect time to reflect and be in harmony and just have a clear & peaceful mind. The final part of this progression is reliving a special moment from the day previous and I find so many nice moments that I can add to my index cards. As you can tell I love this progression and the changes I see in me makes me smile from ear to ear.  One of my mentors always told me that my goal for every day of my life is to be a little bit better than yesterday and to concentrate on being the best I can be and not worrying about others and how they are doing. His favorite analogy he would share with me is when you develop good habits and replace the old ones you may not see the results overnight but eventually it is like Priming The Pump. For the first hours and sometimes days and even years nothing happens but then all of a sudden when you keep pumping the water reaches the top of the water table and then it happens a force so strong that the water is a constant flow and doesn’t stop it would be like trying to swim up current while in the Niagara river eventually the current  would take you over the Niagara Falls. So my goal every day going forward on this journey is to ( KEEP PRIMING THAT PUMP ) because my bliss on the other side is waiting.


Week 17- Hero’s Journey


This week would have been 18th week of the MKMMA but it wasn’t for a very important reason it was a call.  The title was in fact week 17 THE HERO’S JOURNEY and it was a wake up call that I needed to answer. Every week on the webinar I’m learning more and more about myself my true authentic self. This Sunday’s webinar really brought me to my core because I realize I have been holding on to the old me and in order to have my rebirth I have to let him go. You would think that it would be so easy to drop the banana as Davene was saying but we  all love to hold on to the familiar because it is comfortable. Sometimes the person we do know is not as scary as the person we don’t know.  I felt Mark J was speaking to me and me only when he talked about missing exercises or not flashing the cards because I was doing a lot of them but would miss the flashing cards or doing the makeover. This told me that by doing this I was afraid to unveil the new Greg all because the cement Buddha and River of Dreams was keeping me from seeing this magnificent new being that has been waiting to show up and who has decided to answer that call.  I’m here to tell you that I have answered that call with open arms and a loving spirit to let in the Greg and let go of the old one. Now is the time to let the new me soar like an eagle like I was born to do. I now understand the Hero’s Journey and look forward to where it takes me because their is a world just waiting to be explored.  I’m ready to embark on a new adventure hold on tight it’s going to be a great ride.

Week 17- Puppy Love


This week we are entering the 17th week of the MKMMA and how far we have come as our group aligning our minds with higher self.  Every morning I have a routine where I take my two beautiful shih tzu’s Cody & Portia for there morning walk. It is the time of day they look forward too because it is their opportunity to see there friends in the neighborhood. We have a route that we always take because we visit with a special white bichon name Afro. Both Cody & Portia are always looking to see if Afro is outside waiting. Now Cody is okay with it but Portia is a different story she will wait at the fence going from side to side and I have to coax her to keep on going. Each time she sees him she wags her tail with excitement wanting to play with him.  Just so you know a little bit about the personality of Portia she never whines unlike Cody who (WHINES FOR EVERYTHING) but what I have noticed lately she lets out these little whimpers for him. This week something so sweet happened  when she came to see him they both puts their heads through the fence at the same time and kissed one another it was so adorable.  This special bond that they share together is so heartwarming that I had to share because it really touched my heart. We can learn a lot from animals because they love without an agenda  and the love they have for the owners is unconditional. No wonder we always here that a dog is a man’s best friend and it is so true you could be having a difficult day but when your four legged friend greets you at the door all your troubles seem to fade away.  We all need to remember that the relationships we have in our life are the most important and we have to cherish them just like how our pets cherish us.

Week 16- Revolution of Kindness


This week we are entering into the 16th week of the MKMMA. With that said the theme that Mark J discussed in the Sunday afternoon Webinar was all about the kindness.  Our goal for the 7  days  is to do 2 ( Random Acts of Kindness ) without any agenda at all.  I must say that when you do something nice for another human being there is nothing that feels quite as good as that. It was also a wonderful idea for every member to post there two kindnesses in the Alliances area and what this does is keeps us all accountable to each other. That’s the power of the Mastermind when two or more come together in perfect harmony but in this case for the exercise we have four hundred minds participating. When you think of the magnitude of all those kinds gestures showing love and kindness to strangers, friends or loved ones it is so beautiful. Before I begin this journey I always made a habit to act on my promptings every day.  I made a commitment with myself to call or text a person who came into my mind that morning and do something nice for no reason at all but perhaps put a smile on there face or make there day.  I noticed something that if I missed a day because life got in the way my whole demeanor for the day would not be the same my vigor & enthusiasm would not be the same. So as Mark J has said many times during this experience ( I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES ) and I have decided to do the same with this habit because it makes me feel so good.


As one of my favorite poets would say in one of her famous quotes.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Week 15- How are you handling adversity in your life?


Well I would like to say that Week 15 of the MKMMA and first week of the New Year was unbelievable. It was but not how I expected it to be. Let’s start from the beginning on Monday morning woke up at 5:30am did my three rituals condition the body and mind and connect spiritually. At this point it was 8am and I was having my breakfast and enjoying my morning coffee. Once finished  I go into my office to begin my tasks when I realize my internet is down.  I call tech support and go through the steps to resolve the issue I spent 40 minutes with one person and no success. So I decide to get off the phone and try with another person this time the call lasts an hour still no luck.

I decide to get away from my laptop and take my babies Cody & Portia for a walk to clear my head. When I return I decide to take my laptop into Best Buy and because it is under a year I still have a warranty with the Manufacturer but not Best Buy.  Unfortunately for me I misplaced my receipt and when they tried to pull up my purchase on there system it  wasn’t there. I was told to send it back to Manufacturer which being self-employed I thought can’t be without my computer for very long so that wasn’t going to work.

My decision was to take it in to a repair shop and they recommended that I do a recovery of all my files and back them up and that should  help with me accessing the internet. I did back up my files but you lose all your passwords which is always so much fun.

By the time Thursday came I was spent with so much frustration and anxiety because I felt wow is this how 2016 is going to be. I did my MK read and sit on Friday morning and all the feelings that I had vanished and I felt at peace and realized today is a new day. The thought that came into my mind is it’s not what happens that makes the difference it’s what you do with what happens. Well to 2016 I’m here to tell you I choose how to think and how I will respond that’s on me to decide. I still have 51 weeks to make this year the best one yet so let’s get to it.

Week 14- Rudy





This week I watched the 1993 movie Rudy.  It is an account of the life of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger who harbored dreams of playing football at the University of Notre Dame despite significant obstacles he had to over come.  I can say this movie is one of my favourites all time from my childhood. The story is about a 5’6′ 165 pounds young man with a dream so big in his heart to play football for the Irish and he wouldn’t be denied.

Rudy grew up in a traditional blue collar family where his father and brothers worked in a steel mill. So the only future for him was to follow in their paths but he did not want to be like his brothers a copy of copy. During the movie there was one person who believed in Rudy his friend Pete worked in the mill with him. While all his brothers and father thought he was crazy it was Pete who would stand up and encouraged him to go after his Definate Major Purpose. When a tragic accident happened in the mill and Pete was killed Rudy knew that he ever was going to go Notre Dame he had to leave Joliet,  Illinois and his family behind to make it happen.

The adversity that Rudy had to go through just to be accepted into Notre Dame and to make the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team most men would have quit before they started.

For two years Rudy was pounded every day in practice and was treated like a tackling dummy and was not able to make the dress list in even one game. Even though he practiced with the team his brothers and father never see him play in a real game he felt like he wasn’t apart of the team. His vision for himself was to run out of the tunnel as a member of the Irish and the groundskeeper who befriended him in the movie made the famous quote “IN THIS LIFETIME, YOU DON’T HAVE TO PROVE NOTHING TO NOBODY, EXCEPT YOURSELF” that really hit home with me. When he gets the opportunity to dress in his final game it’s not until the end of the game that his number gets called to go into the game on a special teams play and finally the last play he gets the opportunity to sack the quarterback. For 22 years it is so amazing to me how our subconscious mind works that my wife and I both cry when Rudy makes that play because it shows that anything is possible in this life when a human spirit with a belief so strong that nothing I mean nothing can prevent any of us from achieving a goal of victory.

There was something special about Rudy that when he got knocked down he got right back up he showed no signs of weakness and was no quit in him. That is why today movies like Rudy & Rocky are what inspires me to be the very best I can be at that is all you ask of anyone including yourself.

So as we enter into 2016 a New Year believe you can me anything that you want and we all have a little Rudy in all of us.

Week 13- Enjoying This Holiday Season


The holiday season means different things to different people. I bet we can agree that the common element  we all have in common is sharing great times with family and friends. Even though the holidays can cause a lot of stress on people we always have to keep in mind what’s most important. That is the connection we all have as human beings no matter what race, color, religion or culture we celebrate a love for one another that is so strong nothing can penetrate it.  Each one of us has a desire to love and be loved and that is something that will never change. We all have special memories growing up some of which we keep with us like Mom’s Turkey dinner to this day I use her recipe for stuffing and have it written down and always use it and never deviate from it why because it’s the best tasting stuffing in the world and she’s my mom.  As you can tell I’m a proud Momma’s boy and always will be. Their is nothing more special to me than my mom’s  delicious baking including my favourites Minced Squares & short breads. This is the only time of year I ignore calories because it doesn’t matter and the only thing that does is seeing my mom’s face as she delivers her famous treats for me and the smile that I show from ear to ear. So as we celebrate this special season remember the memories that touch your heart and make you smile with love.


Wishing you all the best in 2016!!!