This journey of Self-Discovery has been the best gift anyone could ever give me because of what I’m learning about myself each and every day. When I wake up every morning I have thoughts of who am I going to meet, what am I going to experience and who am I going to touch when you live your live on purpose by purpose your soul is always at peace. There is so much beauty in the world if we only focus on what we can control and that is our thoughts everything else will take care of itself. The reason I have a fascination and connection with Eagles is because they truly are majestic and they always get what they want. They can be 1000 feet in the air and spot a fish in the water and within seconds swoop down and retrieve that fish with their talons something so beautiful to see. We all  have people in our lives who are like crows constantly squawking with their negative self-talk and victim mentality but when that happens BE AN EAGLE!!! stretch your wings and keep soaring the crow can only go so high and eventually you will not hear thing or see a thing and that is pure freedom. Always remember everything is a choice what we read what we eat who we associate with are all conscious decisions that we will make on a daily basis so being the watchman at the gate we have the power to choose our path.  I love the connections that I have made through the MKMMA experience people that will be friends for life and that is what make this so special to keep spreading this message around the world. The more people we can reach with this information on a global level the more we can touch and nothing is more special than expressing kindness to another human being. One of the most inspiring people Mahatma Gandhi “BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WISH TO SEE IN THIS WORLD.”


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