Week 22 A- Feeling Lighter


I find myself feeling lighter as each week goes by and we learn something new. This week we had the opportunity to listen the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. I decided to do something a little different I put my head set on and listened to the audio & grabbed my hard cover of the book and just followed along. The experience was like nothing I have ever felt before all of sudden any stress or anxiety had completely vanished and everything seemed more clearer to me and that I was on the right path. The strange thing is I have had the book on my shelf for about 7 years and it barely looks like I even touched it. Their was no pages creased no highlighting I just thought the book was just an old version of the book The Secret which I have not really read but I did watch the movie ironically. Doing my sits this week and my reads was pure peace and complete relaxation for my spirit. I think everything we have personally self-discovered for ourselves along our MKMMA journey is an awareness to always keep our body mind and soul open to new horizons as they come along and to enjoy and live each moment in the present because when we do that we are in a state of bliss and are surrounded by peace & harmony. I find simple things like walking my dogs to be different experience than from before I used to have my ipod on now I find the sounds of nature are more appealing to my spirit and make me conscious of all the things that happen around me. This opportunity to take our minds away from the matrix and be in complete silence with no electronics or any distractions has been the oxygen that my soul has been craving for along time & I will continue to take a few days per month and go to that quiet place where all things seem clearer to me.  May the sounds of silence be your best friend!


2 thoughts on “Week 22 A- Feeling Lighter

  1. marilynrholloway

    The sounds of silence… yesterday it started to rain as I was gardening, I stayed out as long as I could to finish what I was doing and to listen. When I got back inside I kept opening the window to listen to the rain again — and to inhale the essence of growing things. I think we all have become present in the last few months — how amazingly wonderful!



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