Week 21- Be A Miracle


I have to share a story with all my MKMMA family that really touched my heart this week. This shows you that the law of attraction is either working for or against you. I had to go to the mall to buy some new jeans and the first store I went too was Sears and I spoke with a Levi’s rep about the style I was looking for. She gives me 3 choices and tells me they are out of stock but the Bay which is at the other end of the mall would carry them. So I walk all the way to the Bay and try on the 3 styles which were not the right fit. So I go up to the counter and talk to a young man who is so helpful and gets me the right pair and they fit awesome. So I ask his name and how long he has worked there. He tells me he wants to go to college for business so I ask him if I could show him a way to make some extra money for his tuition would he be interested absolutely yes. He then says he wants to meet tomorrow to learn more about the business. So we meet at a Coffee shop and this young man has bought me a coffee. We sit down and I learn everything about him and he shares his goals and dreams for his life. He wants to buy his mom a house who is divorced from the father and he helps out with the expenses. He then tells me it is his birthday tomorrow and he will be turning 20 and just so happens brownies are his favorite treat so I buy him some. I told him that when I met him I knew he was special and had a personality that lights up the room. One of my favorite quotes is by Joel Osteen too many people are looking for a miracle in their life when we should become a miracle in someone else’s life. Perhaps I can be that miracle for this young man.


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