Week 20- I’m A Hedge Hog


During our Sunday Webinar the three muskateers of Mark J, Fabulous Davene & Trish really opened up my eyes like never before. I think all entrepreneurs suffer from what I like to call Multi-taskingitis and they try to tell themselves they can do a dozen things all at once we can all agree that’s a pipe dream. Most people these days live their lives as foxes and not as a Hedge Hog. The difference between the two is this the fox is like a flash light  spraying the light on any and every shadow and then you have the Hedge Hog which is like a laser beam focused on two activities and that only. It is pretty obvious who is going to succeed on a higher level the fox ( Jack of all trades ) or the Hedge Hog the animal that ( Masters his or her craft ) easy decision to make.  A great book I read a few years ago called Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell talked about being a Master at your craft and that it takes 10,000 hours of focused effort on something to be considered World Class.  The Beatles for example played in a Gentleman’s establishment in Germany for a few years 6 nights a week and were considered horrible and we can all agree that Beatles are in the Top 5 all time Best selling artists.  So my message to everyone is if you want to be World Class aka a Hedge Hog you need to put 10,000 hours into your craft and then the Sky’s the limit you will achieve your DMP but even more important you will have peace & happiness because you found your bliss.



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