Week 19- What You Send Out Comes Back Ten Fold?


Some exciting things have been happening to me over the last few weeks. It has helped me pause and reflect during the sit about how I’m feeling. As we enter into week 19 MKMMA experience I have noticed that things that seemed to be complicated are becoming more clearer to me. On January 4th I began the Truth Diet a six week plan to Detox- Cleanse- Reshape & Renew and this program has changed my life like no other nutrition program I’ve experienced.  Deciding to begin this program was perfect timing for me because not only was I taking my body to a whole new level but the MKMMA journey has been doing that for my mind.  I look at body & mind as a successful marriage you can’t have one without the other.  And when you can add spirit into the mix you have a beautiful family to be proud of.  I really believe it is the little things we do that make the most impact in someone’s life. Over the last few weeks every time I visit the grocery store which is almost every day because when you eat clean you need fresh produce for your meals. When I proceed to the checkout the cashier asks me would you like to donate a (Toonie for Tummies) , just in case you are wondering what a toonie is I live in Canada and we have a loonie a one dollar piece and toonie is a two dollar piece we have replaced the paper for these denominations.  Each time I’m asked this request I say yes because a simple two dollars can feed a small child breakfast every morning. When I picture the smile on a child’s face because he or she will not go to school hungry it brings tears to my eyes because I never as a small boy had to face that challenge.  Doing this simple gesture has made me want to go to the store every day to make sure another child’s belly is full and that he or she will have a smile on their face. So I can honestly say with all my heart & soul that (WHAT YOU SEND OUT COMES BACK TEN FOLD.)


6 thoughts on “Week 19- What You Send Out Comes Back Ten Fold?

  1. Lisa Domingo

    I can’t wait to hear more about your Truth Diet (glad to find out you weren’t on a diet from telling the truth ;-)). And I love how you donate at the grocery store. It’s easy and a toonie from you means a child gets a breakfast. How awesome!


  2. smithgwaynemkmma

    Your story reminded me of the video of the young man who gave money to the woman with a girl until one day the little girl wasn’t there, then she comes running up in her new school uniform. You never know what blessing to others you can be until you give.



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