Week 24- Just The Beginning


As we come to the end of the 2015 MKMMA journey it really only is just the beginning.  We have come to learn in section 5. When you come to know that every form of disease, sickness, lack and limitation are simply the result of wrong thinking, you will have come to know “the Truth which shall make you free.” You will see how mountains may be removed. If these mountains consist only of doubt, fear, distrust or other forms of discouragement, they are none the less real, and they need not only to be removed but to be “cast into the sea.”  This is so powerful when we can accept this Truth and live our lives this way.

In verse 23. The conditions with which you meet in the world without are invariably the result of the conditions obtaining in the world within, therefore it follows with scientific accuracy that by holding the perfect ideal in mind you can bring about ideal conditions in your environment.

It would make so much sense to me why not everyone would do this but if they don’t understand the law then the things and circumstances they create will be from their own doing.

In verse 28.  Men have heretofore, generally used the word ” God” to indicate this Universal, creative principle; but the word “God” does not convey the right meaning. Most people understand this word to mean something outside of themselves; while exactly the contrary is the fact. It is our very life. Without it we would be dead. We would cease to exist. The minute the spirit leaves the body, we are as nothing. Therefore, spirit is really, all there us of us.

In verse 29. Now, the only activity which the spirit possesses is the power to think. Therefore, thought must be creative, because spirit is creative. This creative power is impersonal and your ability to think is your ability to control it and make use of it for the benefit of yourself and others.

These lessons have opened my mind and I will forever be changed and continue on the path of self-discovery by living each day by my truth. See you all on the other side.

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This journey of Self-Discovery has been the best gift anyone could ever give me because of what I’m learning about myself each and every day. When I wake up every morning I have thoughts of who am I going to meet, what am I going to experience and who am I going to touch when you live your live on purpose by purpose your soul is always at peace. There is so much beauty in the world if we only focus on what we can control and that is our thoughts everything else will take care of itself. The reason I have a fascination and connection with Eagles is because they truly are majestic and they always get what they want. They can be 1000 feet in the air and spot a fish in the water and within seconds swoop down and retrieve that fish with their talons something so beautiful to see. We all  have people in our lives who are like crows constantly squawking with their negative self-talk and victim mentality but when that happens BE AN EAGLE!!! stretch your wings and keep soaring the crow can only go so high and eventually you will not hear thing or see a thing and that is pure freedom. Always remember everything is a choice what we read what we eat who we associate with are all conscious decisions that we will make on a daily basis so being the watchman at the gate we have the power to choose our path.  I love the connections that I have made through the MKMMA experience people that will be friends for life and that is what make this so special to keep spreading this message around the world. The more people we can reach with this information on a global level the more we can touch and nothing is more special than expressing kindness to another human being. One of the most inspiring people Mahatma Gandhi “BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WISH TO SEE IN THIS WORLD.”

Week 22 A- Feeling Lighter


I find myself feeling lighter as each week goes by and we learn something new. This week we had the opportunity to listen the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. I decided to do something a little different I put my head set on and listened to the audio & grabbed my hard cover of the book and just followed along. The experience was like nothing I have ever felt before all of sudden any stress or anxiety had completely vanished and everything seemed more clearer to me and that I was on the right path. The strange thing is I have had the book on my shelf for about 7 years and it barely looks like I even touched it. Their was no pages creased no highlighting I just thought the book was just an old version of the book The Secret which I have not really read but I did watch the movie ironically. Doing my sits this week and my reads was pure peace and complete relaxation for my spirit. I think everything we have personally self-discovered for ourselves along our MKMMA journey is an awareness to always keep our body mind and soul open to new horizons as they come along and to enjoy and live each moment in the present because when we do that we are in a state of bliss and are surrounded by peace & harmony. I find simple things like walking my dogs to be different experience than from before I used to have my ipod on now I find the sounds of nature are more appealing to my spirit and make me conscious of all the things that happen around me. This opportunity to take our minds away from the matrix and be in complete silence with no electronics or any distractions has been the oxygen that my soul has been craving for along time & I will continue to take a few days per month and go to that quiet place where all things seem clearer to me.  May the sounds of silence be your best friend!

Week 22- Quiet The Mind


It is amazing to believe in our fast paced society that the majority of people are living their lives out of quiet desperation as Henry David Thoreau once said.  The reasons for this are many but one that is quite obvious is that most people don’t take the time on a daily basis just to think and quiet the mind. We can all agree that their excuses would be plenty but the most popular would be in them not having enough time in a day. For things to change we have to change for things to get better we have to get better and it all starts with an earnest desire.  Taking 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening to just be silent has so many benefits for your health. By doing so things become more clearer to you and you feel lighter but what the body, mind & soul yearns for is peace. When you have peace within you are healthier & happier and will be in the best space to create any result you desire. I start each morning doing three habits consistently first I condition the body then I quiet the mind and finally I connect spiritually. If for any reason at all my day doesn’t start this way then my vibration and energy will not be the same and because of this my day will be not as focused as I would like. Make a commitment to yourself to take care of you before the family you will be a better husband & wife and will become a more present parent to your children. In the end everyone gains from these three tiny habits done consistently over a long period of time.

Namaste my friends!

Week 21- Be A Miracle


I have to share a story with all my MKMMA family that really touched my heart this week. This shows you that the law of attraction is either working for or against you. I had to go to the mall to buy some new jeans and the first store I went too was Sears and I spoke with a Levi’s rep about the style I was looking for. She gives me 3 choices and tells me they are out of stock but the Bay which is at the other end of the mall would carry them. So I walk all the way to the Bay and try on the 3 styles which were not the right fit. So I go up to the counter and talk to a young man who is so helpful and gets me the right pair and they fit awesome. So I ask his name and how long he has worked there. He tells me he wants to go to college for business so I ask him if I could show him a way to make some extra money for his tuition would he be interested absolutely yes. He then says he wants to meet tomorrow to learn more about the business. So we meet at a Coffee shop and this young man has bought me a coffee. We sit down and I learn everything about him and he shares his goals and dreams for his life. He wants to buy his mom a house who is divorced from the father and he helps out with the expenses. He then tells me it is his birthday tomorrow and he will be turning 20 and just so happens brownies are his favorite treat so I buy him some. I told him that when I met him I knew he was special and had a personality that lights up the room. One of my favorite quotes is by Joel Osteen too many people are looking for a miracle in their life when we should become a miracle in someone else’s life. Perhaps I can be that miracle for this young man.

Week 20- I’m A Hedge Hog


During our Sunday Webinar the three muskateers of Mark J, Fabulous Davene & Trish really opened up my eyes like never before. I think all entrepreneurs suffer from what I like to call Multi-taskingitis and they try to tell themselves they can do a dozen things all at once we can all agree that’s a pipe dream. Most people these days live their lives as foxes and not as a Hedge Hog. The difference between the two is this the fox is like a flash light  spraying the light on any and every shadow and then you have the Hedge Hog which is like a laser beam focused on two activities and that only. It is pretty obvious who is going to succeed on a higher level the fox ( Jack of all trades ) or the Hedge Hog the animal that ( Masters his or her craft ) easy decision to make.  A great book I read a few years ago called Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell talked about being a Master at your craft and that it takes 10,000 hours of focused effort on something to be considered World Class.  The Beatles for example played in a Gentleman’s establishment in Germany for a few years 6 nights a week and were considered horrible and we can all agree that Beatles are in the Top 5 all time Best selling artists.  So my message to everyone is if you want to be World Class aka a Hedge Hog you need to put 10,000 hours into your craft and then the Sky’s the limit you will achieve your DMP but even more important you will have peace & happiness because you found your bliss.


Week 19- What You Send Out Comes Back Ten Fold?


Some exciting things have been happening to me over the last few weeks. It has helped me pause and reflect during the sit about how I’m feeling. As we enter into week 19 MKMMA experience I have noticed that things that seemed to be complicated are becoming more clearer to me. On January 4th I began the Truth Diet a six week plan to Detox- Cleanse- Reshape & Renew and this program has changed my life like no other nutrition program I’ve experienced.  Deciding to begin this program was perfect timing for me because not only was I taking my body to a whole new level but the MKMMA journey has been doing that for my mind.  I look at body & mind as a successful marriage you can’t have one without the other.  And when you can add spirit into the mix you have a beautiful family to be proud of.  I really believe it is the little things we do that make the most impact in someone’s life. Over the last few weeks every time I visit the grocery store which is almost every day because when you eat clean you need fresh produce for your meals. When I proceed to the checkout the cashier asks me would you like to donate a (Toonie for Tummies) , just in case you are wondering what a toonie is I live in Canada and we have a loonie a one dollar piece and toonie is a two dollar piece we have replaced the paper for these denominations.  Each time I’m asked this request I say yes because a simple two dollars can feed a small child breakfast every morning. When I picture the smile on a child’s face because he or she will not go to school hungry it brings tears to my eyes because I never as a small boy had to face that challenge.  Doing this simple gesture has made me want to go to the store every day to make sure another child’s belly is full and that he or she will have a smile on their face. So I can honestly say with all my heart & soul that (WHAT YOU SEND OUT COMES BACK TEN FOLD.)

Week 18- Priming The Pump


It is amazing to think how much someone can grow when they are willing to open their mind to new possibilities.  We entered the 18th week of the MKMMA Experience this Sunday we were not having a our scheduled webinar as usual and for some reason it felt strange. All along this journey we have  developed routines of study and in essence it  has become our best friend. We continue to walk this path of Self-Discovery as we all embark on the Hero’s Journey and the feelings that accompany us along the way is what makes us tingle on the inside. Over the last 3 weeks doing this The Progression has been just awesome. I love to write my 3 Gratitude’s each day and really soak in those emotions. I have found that noticing small kindnesses all around me can always lift up my spirit in a heartbeat and that is so cool. Each day I get in my exercise and get those feel good hormones of dopamine & serotonin flowing through my body I’m ready to take on the world. Doing the sit every day is a perfect time to reflect and be in harmony and just have a clear & peaceful mind. The final part of this progression is reliving a special moment from the day previous and I find so many nice moments that I can add to my index cards. As you can tell I love this progression and the changes I see in me makes me smile from ear to ear.  One of my mentors always told me that my goal for every day of my life is to be a little bit better than yesterday and to concentrate on being the best I can be and not worrying about others and how they are doing. His favorite analogy he would share with me is when you develop good habits and replace the old ones you may not see the results overnight but eventually it is like Priming The Pump. For the first hours and sometimes days and even years nothing happens but then all of a sudden when you keep pumping the water reaches the top of the water table and then it happens a force so strong that the water is a constant flow and doesn’t stop it would be like trying to swim up current while in the Niagara river eventually the current  would take you over the Niagara Falls. So my goal every day going forward on this journey is to ( KEEP PRIMING THAT PUMP ) because my bliss on the other side is waiting.

Week 17- Hero’s Journey


This week would have been 18th week of the MKMMA but it wasn’t for a very important reason it was a call.  The title was in fact week 17 THE HERO’S JOURNEY and it was a wake up call that I needed to answer. Every week on the webinar I’m learning more and more about myself my true authentic self. This Sunday’s webinar really brought me to my core because I realize I have been holding on to the old me and in order to have my rebirth I have to let him go. You would think that it would be so easy to drop the banana as Davene was saying but we  all love to hold on to the familiar because it is comfortable. Sometimes the person we do know is not as scary as the person we don’t know.  I felt Mark J was speaking to me and me only when he talked about missing exercises or not flashing the cards because I was doing a lot of them but would miss the flashing cards or doing the makeover. This told me that by doing this I was afraid to unveil the new Greg all because the cement Buddha and River of Dreams was keeping me from seeing this magnificent new being that has been waiting to show up and who has decided to answer that call.  I’m here to tell you that I have answered that call with open arms and a loving spirit to let in the Greg and let go of the old one. Now is the time to let the new me soar like an eagle like I was born to do. I now understand the Hero’s Journey and look forward to where it takes me because their is a world just waiting to be explored.  I’m ready to embark on a new adventure hold on tight it’s going to be a great ride.

Week 17- Puppy Love


This week we are entering the 17th week of the MKMMA and how far we have come as our group aligning our minds with higher self.  Every morning I have a routine where I take my two beautiful shih tzu’s Cody & Portia for there morning walk. It is the time of day they look forward too because it is their opportunity to see there friends in the neighborhood. We have a route that we always take because we visit with a special white bichon name Afro. Both Cody & Portia are always looking to see if Afro is outside waiting. Now Cody is okay with it but Portia is a different story she will wait at the fence going from side to side and I have to coax her to keep on going. Each time she sees him she wags her tail with excitement wanting to play with him.  Just so you know a little bit about the personality of Portia she never whines unlike Cody who (WHINES FOR EVERYTHING) but what I have noticed lately she lets out these little whimpers for him. This week something so sweet happened  when she came to see him they both puts their heads through the fence at the same time and kissed one another it was so adorable.  This special bond that they share together is so heartwarming that I had to share because it really touched my heart. We can learn a lot from animals because they love without an agenda  and the love they have for the owners is unconditional. No wonder we always here that a dog is a man’s best friend and it is so true you could be having a difficult day but when your four legged friend greets you at the door all your troubles seem to fade away.  We all need to remember that the relationships we have in our life are the most important and we have to cherish them just like how our pets cherish us.